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I was reading through an interesting Harvard Business Report (HBR) “What the West Gets Wrong About ChinaLINK ] . It surely is very good article puts in right perspective from China. The author clears many myths and rumors western outlines and also compares economic and political system as a whole and compares between china and western world.

Author has described in detail on positive influence of Leninism and Marxism, and Communism vs Democracy but it missed the point that Democracy & Communism are drastically different ways of developing an economy. In political science studies, democracy is not considered preferred form of governance for a nation wants faster growth engine. Keeping common people under poverty for generation of people is biggest crime. China will always be a great example, where in almost a very forceful manner, the new policies had taken a billion people out of poverty in matter of 40 years. which is not a small thing. Chinese Government relocated million of people from remote villages into apartment complexes in build-in towns and cities or even new villages near old ones. that’s great.

William Churchill once said , “May be in Democracies Misery is equally distributedā€¦because in democracy”

When things have to be done, it gets slowed down inordinately simply because we have to convince everybody involved and not everybody gets the point and by the time they get the point , the time has passed many times. .. despite this problem, the most beautiful aspect of democracy is not always it is right, most of the time it gets itself wrong. In-spite of that the best thing about democracy is this is first time in the history of humanity that we can change power without Bloodshed . That’s the most important thing, Otherwise even within a family, if power has to change , there would be blood shedding, In a democratic method today, major nations are able to change power without a drop of blood. It is only in last 50 – 60 years, this is happened across the world. So we should not under-estimate the value of that. though there are unnecessary impediments in democracy which goes ON, what can be settled in 10 minutes goes on for 10 year of debate.

In past, many countries observed that authoritarianism or stick did not work, people turn around and bite, because when things happen forcefully, its is easy to use force on people . Also when people are poor , stick works but when they become affluent, they turn around and bite.

The author briefly touched world economies. All countries of the world are at different stages of development, be it Republic of China, United States, Europe or India etc. I don’t think we can handle all of them with the same norms and rules as they are in different “age groups”. Its almost impossible to replicate what China has done in India or US or elsewhere. They need to be nurtured and handled in different ways.

For example India is going a hard way choosing absolute democratic methods. Democratic way means we are constantly confused about everything, because for everything, what can be done by one man to take a decision , but 100 people are involved. It looks like a confusion, but its more stable way of growing because people are involved in this. It leads to lot of impediments and confusion at the same time , it creates a very solid base. It creates such a solid base that it does not matter what happens to world economy, one can see India is always going at its own pace simply because everybody is involved at some level.