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Viral pandemic, happened as many as thousand times in past several centuries, where many died, some recovered and life moved ON but with todays global hyper communication mediums.,, .this little microorganism has became “large then life” and television shows demonstrate virus like rakaball falling towards us, approx. 128 research papers published per day in 2020 to find cause and cure of virus.

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Sharing an addition thought process. In India, in second wave, we observe that 80% Covid cases were recorded from 5 states, 60% from 5 metro cities. .. One traditional medicine school of thought connects it with reducing microbiome population. Since All life’s on planet depend on this genetic entanglement and information..9X% of homosapians genetic information is from microorganism.  As per one paper, in urban settings almost 30% of these microbial genetic information is disappeared…which is directly linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension.. Strokes… indirectly to cancer or auto immune illness.. Propensity to premature aging.. And all kind of human problems as 90% of these chronic illness is dysbiosis, mean dysfunctional biodiversity of genetic information…. So Does that translates to that Mortality and Morbidity of this virus is directly linked to sympathetic overdrive, microbiome population etc. Do we need think more then simplistic vaccine solution ?…

Like One of the new medical practice I read through, that these days, a process called as “Smart Obstetrician” used for cesarean section where doctors take all secretion of mother and put at new born baby’s body- mouth and nose so that baby can inhale and swallow these microorganisms.