Dr. Saurabh Katiyar walking in park

This morning, a thought came to me that this microorganism (#COVID19) trying to make us realize that we are not the most significant habitat on this planet. With past couple of centuries of development, the compelling influence of human societies or social media around us slowly made us to believe that there are only human beings on the planet, whereas there are million times more creatures around us who are far more important then us.

Here is why I felt so… I was going through an interesting study recently, which concludes that –

  1. If all worms disappear, then in next 18 months, all life on planet will disappear (except few microbes);
  2. If all the insects disappear then in 4 to 6 years all life on planet including human beings will disappear ;
  3. If all microbes disappear, then within next 20 minutes all of us disappear. ;

But if we humans disappear, nothing will be impacted.. infact planet will flourish. 

So in nutshell, The wisdom says, we are loosing real sense of what is most significant thing happening as “life on planet” simply probably because of influence human societies around us which need to be ALTERED within us is one of the biggest need of hour.