Meta’s conference is planned in next 2 weeks and their researchers made this prototype to demonstrate new Quest 2 body tracking, (without any extra trackers) using AI – but there’s a catch.!!

Check out in this Research paper released to discover for more.!Aqg5fQ0Oec4tg8oD2HRXFWv_9M2RSA

It’s a neural network driven system which can estimate a plausible full body pose with just the tracking data from Quest 2 and its controllers. No extra trackers or external sensors are needed but overall it is a cool research.

My observations :

  1. System’s latency is also 160ms – more than 11 frames at 72Hz. This kind of system will probably require high GPU configuration like NVIDIA 10 rtx 3090.
  2. Good for current IK player bodies, Still good for remote player avatars, though in fast paced games the latency might still be a problem.
  3. As per paper, position of your elbows, torso, and legs can be estimated using a class of algorithms called inverse kinematics (IK), but this is only accurate sometimes for elbows and rarely correct for legs.
  4. Meta keeps on in the VR sector, imagine consumer VR in 20 years. They’re doing most of the heavy lifting research and development-wise compared to any other metaverse player. In marketplace.