In order to meet WHO”s Post covid public health guidelines on food and beverage, Thai Excise tax enforced on Sugary drinks seems now enter its final higher tax rates applicabled. . [ Link]

Hunt for Healthy Suger Alternative

there are 00s of solutions available today in league offering suger substitute… Just for reference…

Sugar 2.0 (Sugercane based suger substitute) ,

Xilinat – Xylitol (corn waste based suger substitute ),

Fooditive ( Fruit-Based Sugar Substitute extracts fructose from apples and pears ),

Heylo ( Stevia plant-Based Sugar Substitute) or

SAGANA (Coconut based substitute) etc.

All these having many benefits aligned to WHO guidelines on public health .. like control insulin levels while managing gut distress, rich in potassium, magnesium sodium, and iron , zero-calorie, low glycemic levels, soluble fiber content, substantially low amount of fructose and is also good for the liver.

This property of fiber enables the improved absorption of sugars in the body and stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels..also fit for diabetes, obesity and other related health concerns balance their sugar consumption.