Characteristics of the six scenarios

A team of researchers from P.I.K (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research PIK is frontier of integrated research for global sustainability) published a insightful study today which  identified requirements for a dynamic, long-term carbon price pathway to reduce the demand for CO2 removal technologies and thus effectively limit long-term risks, means with the right price path, there is no need for excessive carbon dioxide removal;

– The approach minimizes governance and sustainability concerns by proposing a market-based and politically feasible approach;

– Prevailing carbon removal technologies such as reforestation, direct air capture or bioenergy, both combined with geological carbon storage are promising but if rolled out on a planetary scale, substantial risks such as high economic costs, enhanced water scarcity, or land-use conflicts could arise.

– After steep increase, carbon pricing must remain constant. Carbon pricing is key to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions—there is frankly no other way to reach that target.

– Once emission neutrality is achieved,  it needs to remain on a high level if we want to maintain both a fossil-free world and a reasonable amount of carbon dioxide removal. ;

-The study show that we need a substantial pricing of CO2 emissions throughout the 21st century—with beneficial effects for both the economy and the people.

Link to Study