World Food Day 2021 – What are the most critical myths about human food today ?

On eve of WorldFoodDay2021, It came to me to write my thoughts on foodism practiced. I’m a Vegetarian myself and Promoter of Veganism too largely due to ecology , food security and sustainability problems. But there are many myths around this topic. Let me give my arguments to counter them ,feel free to share if you have conflicting opinion.


I feel, instead of making it philosophy or connect with religion, let’s first discuss on human body food needs. Muslim don’t eat Pork, Hindus don’t eat Beef due to religious reasons. Lets not comment on religious faiths and related logics. Lets discuss logics from economy and science –

  • First of all, don’t be identified as ” Vegan, Vegetarian or Flesh Eater “
  • Once it comes to food, it’s foolish to ask a doctor, nutritionist or Guru…you must ask your body. How quickly food moves from stomach to intestines is best. (within 2.30 hours is the best) to eat.
  • Once the choice comes what to eat, there is whole dimension of what to eat. But if every human being can generate necessary awareness that if the food appears.. You know what to eat, what not to eat. Above all what kind of food is your system designed for.
  • Don’t make food into your philosophy or a religion. food is above body. Food must go in the system with minimum resistance.
  • The question about vegetarian or non vegetarian, Yogic science says, if food has very complex sense of memory and information the it’s very complex to break it.
  • On other hand there is enough scientific evidence which proves if you eat a simple memory code, or the genetic code in a particular creature for example of evolutionary scale whatever is furthest away from you must be consumed like fish as being first form of life in planet .. In other words never consume a mammal as it is too close to you and it’s memory is too complex and you will never be able to break its genetic code down 100% hence gradually animal quality will enter the system. And unknowingly it will find expression. Like anger stress or simply rage everywhere. We can show many parameters in the body, length of elementary canal etc.

Myths on food and Nutrition

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I would reinstate, Food is a complex science of body nourishment and its not a religion. Consuming anything from earth whatever your body needs with some sense of sensitivity only to the extent it is necessary and awareness of what your body needs is all we need.

World in 2021 is moving away from basic war of foodisms from general nutrition to personalized nutrition . The PN Market is sophisticated the level of personalization, age, weight, sensitivity, health goals, from customized meal plan, to DNA samples and engineered products to real time in -home monitoring.

The Next Normal

In current Covid 19 world scenario, Consumer sentiment dynamic, health is the key. Consumers are willing to pay more for mass production to mass personalization in food and beverages. They are taking more holistic approach to disease resistance, health, from physical to mental to emotional. When it comes to emotional, vegan, vegetarianism or non veg is no more important, you can extract amino acids from both forms. Market is getting mature to provide customized food solutions.