This solution may soon replace Rapid PCR throut swab with this non invasive breathalyzer or electronic nose to help sniff out COVID19.


How it works :

-Contains 7 different metal oxide semiconductor sensors that can measure the complete mixture of substances (biomarkers) in the exhaled air.

-The test requires 5 normal breaths, followed by a deep inhalation, holding the breath for a moment and then exhaling slowly.

-A breath profile is created from that exhaled air and via a gateway sent to an online AI ML  analysis platform.

-Within a few sec. , with the help of analysis algorithms, a test result will follow, indicating that the person tested is not infected with the virus.


-The SpiroNose  does not detect whether someone is infected but indicates with certainty that someone is not.

-SpiroNose can predict, with 85% certainty, whether immunotherapy will work in lung cancer patients.

-July 2020 Ongoing trials for training of data for Covid19 Test with 70% +ve detection results as tested with Ministry of Health, hospitals at Amsterdam,… And also  submitted for clinical trial for its new version Aenose for Covid-19 detection



Competition :

Positioning is similar to recent Govt sponsored NASA’s Enose but SpiroNose design is lot more advance and user friendly and can be considered for True Digital Healthcare Segment.