In Indian Language Sanskrit – ‘Shstra’ is a field of science, study like,

  1. rasAyana-shAstra is (chemistry),
  2. khagol-Shastra is (astronomy),
  3. artha-shAstra is economics and politics,
  4. chhanda-shAstra is study of verses, meter, poetry,
  5. nATya-shAstra is dramatics, theater.

Some classics works are called xyz-sUtra. These are part of the shAstra, but composed in form of tight formulae, like kAma-sUtra, yoga-sUtra, chhanda-sUtra.The below shloka show importance and characteristics of Shastra is from opening chapter of Hitopadesha, the king who was on a morning stroll along the river, hears some students reciting their homework early in the morning. they recited two shloka-s, one of which is this, the second we will cover later.It shows the importance of shAstra, science, fields of study.

अनेकसंशयोच्छेदि, परोक्षार्थस्य दर्शकम् ।सर्वस्य लोचनं शास्त्रं, यस्य नास्त्यन्ध एव सः ॥

हितोपदेश-सुभाषित-श्लोकाः – 0.10 written by Sri Narayan Pandit in 11th Century


अनेक संशयों को दूर करनेवाला, परोक्ष वस्तु को दिखानेवाला, और सबका नेत्ररुप शास्त्र जिस ने पढा नहि, वह इन्सान (आँख होने के बावजुद) अंधा है ।Shastra or Science , which clears many doubts, which shows the meaning which is hidden (non-direct), is like an eye for everyone. One who does not possess it, is indeed blind.Einstein has high regards and respect for Indian Ancient Knowledge and Experience on Scient and Technology.