Precision Agriculture and Digital Food Security is next biggest revolution for mankind. Why,?.. when Human race expected to increase 35 % by around 2.3 bn between now and 2050 means total 9.2bn by 2050.. .we need 60-110% increase in food production from same natural resources by 2050. Phew.

The Future of Food is Cellular Agriculture and Digital Farming. We have already experienced Precision Farming helping to increase per hactare yeild by optimizing inputs like water, fertilizer, nitrogen etc, minimizing pest and deseases by specially targeted applications with precise amount of pesticides etc.

In ASEAN, still few countries, like in Philippines, agriculture’s contribution to gross domestic product has dropped to 9.7 percent and yet employment in the sector is still at 27 percent of the population, Food Security Policy shall be one focal strategy for governments to follow .

Great Singapore government step increase national food security and self reliance.