The aftermath of Christ Church Attack

Technically it’s possible for Facebook to block content Using audio detection and help of human content moderators (of which it has around 10,000 worldwide).

On the other, it’s worrying some that Facebook allows this sort of content on its platform at all. If it wanted, it could penalize those users who uploaded this video and variations of it, perhaps with a ban or a warning.

Trusting above official Facebook note, though they were able to knock off 1.2 million videos of the Christchurch attack as they were being uploaded, which is great – but I observe the video on my wall from a Thai local media operates on social media.

After facebook removal of video which is good measure , TechCrunch was able to find found copies after more than 12 hours after the incident which is not so great.

The result??? … Facebook Stock Downgraded today . The worst is yet to come.

Health and hygiene of a platform as important, it also has metrics like daily active users and engagement to worry about.

I strongly feel unless Facebook takes a stand, it won’t be able to stop the spread of problematic content on its platform. That’s down to the company deciding how it wants to do business. It needs to decouple its policies for tackling content from its revenue targets.