When I was 22 years old, i learnt that my engineer classmate was doing a part time as Life Insurance Financial Services Agent, when I asked why,

He said,

The businessman who knows how to ‘Sell’ is truly successful

30 years later, I couldn’t agree with him more. No matter which profession or job you are in, you have to know how to sell if you want an accelerated career.

Here are seven compelling reasons I have learnt personally:

Sales make you BELIEVE-IN -YOURSELF .

Sales teaches you ‘PATIENCE’.

Sales makes you meet LIKE MINDED PEOPLE.

Sales teaches you how to ‘READ’ PEOPLE.

VCs , Investors love SALES people! 🙂

Sales teaches you the BUSINESS MODELS OF THE WORLD .

Sales helps you SELL YOURSELF

In today’s hyper competitive world I see the best bred, most outstanding professionals fast becoming extinct in the corporate world – because they don’t know how to sell themselves. Today, it’s not good enough to be very good at your job or to have an expertise in your domain – you have to know how to sell yourself.

Finally, Think of what happens when people search for your name on google. What do they see? A list of linkedin, facebook and twitter links? I say that they need to see more. If you want to create an impact, you should be blogging, presenting a point of view, saying something compelling. They should be ‘pre-sold’ on you.

In the years to come, you will have to become a Rockstar yourself.