Evaluating Emerging Technology Solution based on “Surveillance Camera with Face Analytics Platform” , a Normal Looking HD Monitoring Camera has moved to maturity curve bundled with Video – Face Analytics Platform is able to solve physical surveillance and security challenge capturing Accurate Data Sets of Face Scene Snapshot, location, timestamp, gender, face id.


I observe many thai startups are emerging to offer interesting industrial use case like –

  1. Intrusion Detection/ Suspicious Person movement / activity ;
  2. Asset Protection;
  3. Customer Feedback with Face Emotion Tracking like Smile or Angry etc. ;
  4. Detection of objects within, entering, or leaving an area; or detect specific activity in an area related to radius and time or detect objects which are idle for a predefined time span etc ;
  5. Count objects within an area and alarm if a predefined limit is reached , Detect a certain crowd level in a predefined field etc ;
  6. Tamper detection (like unauthorized device manipulation) etc.